This laboratory exercise consists of the traditional sheep heart dissection for an Introductory Physiology course. The sheep heart is a very good example in size and morphology of the typical four- chambered vertebrate heart. It contains the same valves, chambers and blood vessels as a human heart.

The students are required to dissect and notate both external and internal anatomy and relate a list of approximately 30 components to their respective functions. The purpose of this voice thread recording is to actively engage each student in the dissection and reinforce their understanding of the components of this vital life sustaining organ.

  1. Students will bring cameras, either their own cameras or a school camera to lab class.
  2. Each team is to write a script to explain their experiment.
  3. Using the script each team is to take pictures of their sheep heart in various positions as they dissect it. Take one picture of your group to use as your the opening to introduce your heart. Then you should have at least one picture of the pericardial sac, the external orientation and a longitudinal cut.
  4. All pictures will be download to the server and then upload to your voice thread. Set you voice thread to be public with comments. When you finish recording you will reset your voice thread to be public with no comments.
  5. Attach the headset with microphone to your computer. Go to the system preferences under the apple to sound and select logic tech headset for both input and output.
  6. Using the analysis questions furnished by Mrs. Haughton you will identify each structure of the heart and state its function. Don't forget to use the doodling tool to as you record your voice to point to the parts.
  7. When you are finished remember to change your voice thread to public with no comments.


Through this lab assignment you will have the opportunity to present your lab report in a different and fun format. You will become knowledgeable in the parts of the structure and functions of the heart and also enhance your technology skills as you become familiar with one of the newest web 2.0 collaboration tools, Voice Thread.


This project designed and implemented by Blanch Haughton, science teacher for Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Wikispace design and technical assistance furnished by Carol Siwinski, Instructional Technology Coordinator.

December, 2009